Biometrics identification systems are becoming common nowadays, but to get there was not an easy task. Aside from offering competitive price for all its fingerprint products, FingerTec is a company that puts a lot of efforts to present its products as DIY, to mend the gap between the technology and the customers, to go to great lengths to significantly reduce implementation times and costs for its customers, hence making more pleased customers.



biometrics ac900

The AC900 Series fingerprint reader has two functions in one system; as a door access control to manage entries to certain premise via fingerprint identification and verification and is also meant to record staff’s time and attendance. With AC900 Series, staff are more manageable and there is no worry of unauthorized entries to a premise because every person must get their fingerprint before they can be acceess granted.

biometrics ta100

The TA100 Series fingerprint reader is designed to record time and attendance by using fingerprint identification and verification. It is designed to replace the conventional punch card as well as other card systems. It is capable of recognising the recorded fingerprint templates in seconds and therefore, has been successful in eliminating buddy-punching activity, a makor nuisance in human resource management.