Condo Management System

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Our solution enable you to access it either on mobile phone or web, as shown below:

CRM eTicket



The condo management system provides two portals into one, as explained below:


[I] Central Condo Management- It provides the condo management the capabilities of:


A. Central database – it provides a central database to keep track for all (current & past) owners, tenants and list of equipment/ assets within the legal boundary of the condo blocks;


B. To bill and invoice each unit with either one of the following:


B1.          Bill Monthly fixed fees – with one-touch button, it sends multiple bills to each unit                                              for monthly fees (sinking fund, maintenance, water, insurance etsc); and

B2            Bill ad-hoc invoices (such as ad-hoc bill, debit or credit notes).


C. To manage the online Facility’s Booking;


D. To manage E-Ticket’s tracking & resolution;


  1. Property maintenance – to handle condo’s equipment & assets maintenance needs; and;


  1. To manage the online Announcement & reply system – It allows central management to publish online announcement where each tenant will be able to access it online (mobile or web).


 [II] Multi -Tenant System – Each unit-owner is provided with an online login’s account where he/she can online to:


  1. View Announcement & reply (similar to WhatsApp’s interface);
  2. Download online-Form;
  3. View and Pay monthly or ad-hoc fees online;
  4. Raise e-Ticket when issue/complaint/query arises; and
  5. Book condo’s facilities online.


Condo unit-owner’s login view (Dashboard’s):

Condo unit-owner’s profile update:

To have an WhatsApp-like communication between condo management and unit-owner’s:

To view & pay invoices online:

To do an online Facility’s Booking:

To make an online e-Ticket (for serious issue, like water leakages):


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