Condo Management System

Abysof Clouds Business Solution – With a low monthly fee, you access the cloud business solution either via mobile phone or web on 24/7 basis. You can terminate service anytime you prefer, absolutely with no string attached or contractual obligation.


Our solution enable you to access it either on mobile phone or web, as shown below:

The condo management system provides two portals into one, as explained below:


[ 1 ] This solution targets at – condominium, co-op Apartment & homeowners association (HOA).

It auto provisions online account for both

(A) Central Property Managing Agent &

(B) Each unit-owner.

[ 2 ] On-the-go: All features can be accessed thru mobile-app or responsive web (displays to perfect-fit into your device’s screen) on 24/7, anytime and whenever.

[ 3 ] Auto Data Backup: As data is saved, it is instantly replicated and backed up at the 2nd server.

[ 4 ] Highly secure:

(A) The system is secured with SSL (secure sockets layer) +

(B) End-User’s password is RSA encrypted +

(C) Access-right is assigned based on feature-access-right-click and user’s role +

(D) Traceability thru audit-report

[ 5 ] For the central property managing-agent:

(A) (Mobile phone’s controls gated barrier for unpaid resident units) +

(B) ( Bill-once & Invoiced-all at 1-go) + (Payment Gateway ) +

(C) Seamless communication thru ( Announcement & Email-blast ) + ( 2-way secure communication) +

(D) ( Online Facility Reservation ) +

(E) ( Complaint Management thru e-Ticket ) +

(F) ( Visitor Mgnt System ) + ( Emergency Call ) +

(G) Artificial Intelligent Accounting ( auto update your P&L, B/S and your Cash Book) +

(H) ( Mobile-phone controls gate barrier for late-payees ).

[ 6 ] For unit-owner:

(A) To view and download (Statement of Account) + (Pay online) +

(B) Opt for online notifications +

(C) To make facility’s reservation online +

(D) To raise complaint via e-Ticket +

(E) One-touch Emergency Call & other diverse managed services.


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Responsive User-Interface

Billed once & all units were invoiced

Announcement & Email blast

Resident’s Dashboard

Resident’s Online Accounts

Pays online via FPX / Credit Card / AliPay etcs

Online Facility-booking

Resident raises Complaint via e-Ticket

External Visitors’ Logbook