Computer Networking


Computer networking solutions

Want to get all your PC’s talking to each other?
Well we have the solutions for you here at Abytech! Let one of our technicians sit down with you to determine the most sensible networking solution. listening to your specific problems and requirements, our technicians provide custom tailored solutions. We advise on project planning, carry out detailed site surveys, map cabling requirements and recommend the appropriate software and hardware for a secure and scalable network

  • Professional UTP Cablingnetw2
  • Installation: Face plates, Casing within floors & walls.
  • Installation of Cabinets 6U, 24U etc. and Panels
  • Network Printer installs
  • Testing and Troubleshooting of Networking Problems
  • Installation and Setup of Servers and Clients
  • Switch and Router Configuration
  • Installing and configuring wireless networks

As the value and importance of your data and networks increase, so do the risks posed by viruses, worms, spyware, and other illegal and malicious activities. We can help harden and safeguard your network, keeping your vital data safe and your network running smoothly.

Wireless Networking
Wireless networking allows individuals and businesses to connect their computers without passing wires through walls and ceilings. Many professional offices now employ wireless networking in at least some limited fashion. Let us help you choose, configure, and secure your wireless network.