Help Desk Ticketing System

Abysof Clouds Business Solution – With a low monthly fee, you access the cloud business solution either via mobile phone or web on 24/7 basis. You can terminate service anytime you prefer, absolutely with no string attached or contractual obligation.

Our solution enable you to access it either on mobile phone or web, as shown below:

CRM eTicket


CRM Help Desk Ticketing Solution – It is targeted at enterprises’ IT Department or any Service Industries where it receives Tickets in asking for helps. The solution allows the IT Department to monitor, assign crew to resolve, permits clients to escalate the issues if prolong, allow management to track feedback after resolution, vs the SLA (Service Level Agreements).

The solution provides the following brief described features:

  1. SLA – Service Level Agreement: It allows management to track Tickets and compare the Tickets’ resolution versus SLA, for further quality improvements.
  1.    Calendar & Schedule: It allows the Admin to assign crew to site-visit to ratify the complaints, resolution and send email to update end-users as well as seek their feedback of service quality;
  1. Manage, Track, Resolve & Escalate Tickets – the solution provides an seamless way to collect all login-Ticket, then assigning each to the respective skilled crew for fixes, and track feedback from customers after resolution was rendered.



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